Otvoren je prvi „Filmski festival“ u Kanu

The electric stove was patented in 1859.

In 1904, the first permanent exhibition of the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade was opened, on the occasion of the centenary of the First Serbian Uprising. The museum and the first exhibition were opened by King Petar I Karađorđević. Today, this day is celebrated as the Day of the Ethnographic Museum, for which a study museum exhibition is prepared every year and the Borivoje Drobnjaković Award is awarded. Immediately after the creation of the Museum, field research of Serbian traditional culture was started in Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Istria.

The first Cannes Film Festival opened in 1946. The first award ceremony at this festival was planned as early as September 1939, but the beginning of The Second World War postponed it. Eighteen countries participated in the first Cannes Festival. Nine films received an honorary award – the Grand Prix du Festival.

In 1957, Finnish composer Jan Sibelius died, basically a romantic. His original style is very close to Finnish musical folklore, and a large number of his works are inspired by „Kaleval“. Works: symphonic poem for orchestra „Finlandia“, orchestral legends „Swan of Tuonel“ and „Return of Lemischaen“, overture „Karelia“…


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